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My fiancé and I live about 3000 miles apart, since neither of us have a lot of extra cash (we are saving our money for him to move to the states so we can be married) most of our time is spent on the phone. It is not as good as being together but it is romantic and we still have our “dates”.

In these letters I go through a date with him from start to finish…where we will go, what we will wear, what we will be doing, everything…after he gets these letters he reads it over the phone and we add little intimate touches like what we would say and things like that.

Who says you can’t have a romantic dinner with your loved one from 3,000 miles away? When date time rolls around, pour yourself a glass of wine, gussy yourself up, and “meet” your bf/gf on video chat, where the two of you can peruse Seamless together, make awkward small talk, take forever deciding on your respective takeout orders, and generally enjoy the dating lifestyle. These days, you and your loved one can watch the same movie, at the same time, from the comfort of your respective couches — all while signed into video chat.

All you need is an internet connection and a few bucks, and you’re halfway to a super-cozy dinner date. Dating in person is hard, too, Would help natural astringent/emollient. Sure, you won’t have access to the newest releases, but you will be able to avoid rowdy teenagers, outrageous snack prices, and long bathroom lines.

The key to magic of this date is not spending a lot of money; it’s all about getting the setup just right. Plus, you get to pick how much butter to put in your popcorn.

Remember: unlike in a restaurant, you control the environment that is your dining room table. Sometimes old standards are better than the latest action flicks, anyway: Netflix livestreaming has a robust selection of the classics, foreign films, rom-coms and television shows (binge-watching “Orange is the New Black” would be a great excuse for a 13-hour marathon date, for instance), and i Tunes offers a whole cache of indie rentals that are released online simultaneously to their theatrical debuts.

If the couple has Internet and audio contact available they can play the Internet version of the card game Mad Gab.

A game where you take turns guessing (or racing each other to try to be the first to guess) what a cryptic sentence means once you say it a loud enough times.

– Christine Frank and I tried it out and Mad Gab is so much fun to play over the phone.

But in the age of omnipresent internet connectivity, living apart from your partner doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t go on dates with them.

Thanks to the ubiquity of video chat programs, including Face Time, Skype, and Google hangouts, staying in close touch has never been easier.

​How amazing does it feel when you hear the Skype incoming call music and see your partner's face in the notification.

While separated by distance this feeling will never fade but sometimes those Skype dates can become a bit repetitive.

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This past Halloween Frank and I wanted to do something together that suited the occasion. Frank and I talked on our phones as we clicked through these haunted houses – lights out of course. So if you are in the mood to be spooked, even if it isn’t Halloween, check out the 3 virtual haunted houses Frank and I visited that night: Interactive Virtual Haunted House – Make sure you click this link at the same time because it will start immediately.

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