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As a general principle, Lena Dunham does not believe in removing anything that she has posted to the Internet; but, after she received a million and a half hits on You Tube for a video that showed her stripping down to a bikini, climbing into a fountain on the campus of Oberlin College, and performing her ablutions, she reconsidered the value of having personal boundaries.

The six-minute video shows her in violation of college rules: having rinsed her hair and brushed her teeth under the fountain’s anemic cascade, she is approached by a security guard, who asks her to desist.

debacle (which I actually hated less than most viewers), sucked into a tight dress and ridiculously eye-candyish for a supposed heroine who would go on to save superhero blockbusters from themselves.

And I wished there were more women in the audience so I could “whoop! But it has terrific performances from a varied cast headed by the aforementioned Israeli model-turned-actress, who effortlessly portrays her Amazonian ingenue as deliciously naive, yet feisty and principled, in a way that feels completely authentic and acceptable (to both female and male audiences).

CAST: Mark Feuerstein, Linda Lavin, Elliott Gould, David Walton, Liza Lapira, Matt Murray ME, MYSELF & I Single Camera EP/Writer: Dan Kopelman EPs: Aaron Kaplan, Dana Honor EP/Director: Randall Einhorn (pilot only) Studio: Kapital Entertainment in association with Warner Bros.

Television Logline: A single-camera comedy examining one man’s life over a 50-year span.

The majority of them were johns and prostitutes, and one admitted to being a pimp, HPD said.

Some of the notable arrests include: Houston Fire Department firefighters Alprentice Blanks and Yeuy Teang; Houston ISD senior manager Emile Fair (the district says he does not work around children); Efrail Velasquez, who had his 4-year-old child in the car when he tried to buy sex, according to HPD; Wayne Jones, a retired HPD Sergeant."Is this embarrassing?

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