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Being type casted or dismissed is a problem American Indians face daily. Though some of us may chose to stay in touch with our traditions, Native Americans aren’t “mystical” or “savage” people from the past.

We go to college, write books, become doctors, run businesses.

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9, 2014 By Braudie Blais-Billie There are many misconceptions when it comes to modern American Indians and the way we identify ourselves in society.

As a Seminole Indian woman, I’ve had my share of “rain dance” jokes and uncomfortable conversations. There’s poverty porn, media that sensationalizes marginalized communities with exploitative or voyeuristic motives. But Native America is far more complex than what mainstream media and education depict.

Native Americans, Natives, American Indians, Indians, Indigenous peoples, First Nations peoples, Aboriginal, Indian Country. It’s ideal to use the name of a specific tribe or nation, like Sicangu Lakota or Comanche.

It’s the difference between asking a Japanese person “how’s Japan? ” With whichever term you use, be cognizant of your relationship to whom you’re addressing, where you are, etc. Some Natives are tall, some are short, some are fair-skinned, some are dark.

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