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A married director and his much younger actress (24-year difference) falling in love is scandalous in itself, but when the two were rumored to have secretly gotten married in the United States last Fourth of July, and when Soo's wife got to talking with the media, things really got out of hand.Let's face it, getting married to a young starlet, while still married to your wife back home, is not a good look to have.The married couple have one college-aged daughter, but reportedly, they often said they had two kids, considering their pet dog of 13 years as a son. Hong knew when she saw her husband's film 'Right Now, Wrong Then', starring Kim Min Hee, that the story contained his feelings for the actress. I know now that developped countries are not only rich in materials but we have also a higher degree of freedom, understanding, and living... Economic stability or how "developed" a country is doesn't explain for all cultural differences in values or beliefs.However, she's said to have suppressed her suspicions. Korea is not barbaric or savage, they have different values than France and France is not the pinnacle of moral virtue or excellence. so much for that "higher degree of freedom, understanding and living"...And on top of that, it was even said that the director had not only left his wife, but had cut off all financial support for his daughter. Soo's most recent film, , is screening at the current Berlin International Film Festival, and it stars none other than his rumored girlfriend. Right away, the couple stopped appearing in public, in hopes that the public interest in them would abate. So as expected, the director brought along his lead actress, and it's got people taking again.

Sulli, who will star in the upcoming film as Song Yoo-hwa later this year, split with Dynamic Duo member Choiza earlier this year after dating since August 2014, reportedly due to conflicting schedules.Since ‘adultery’ is a topic that most people feel uncomfortable and sensitive about, Hong and Kim’s admitting of their relationship has shocked many people.Although Hong Sang-soo has not divorced with his wife, he admitted that he is in love with another woman.However, the two have been remaining quiet, which only raised more suspicion.At the 67th Berlin Film Festival last month, the two appeared and showed intimate images.

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