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I have amongst other health issues, FIBROMYALGIA, if you are not familiar with it, one of the manifestations is an increased sensitivity to cold, especially in the...

Recently foxes have been killing cats in my neighborhood, needless to say they gota go and I'm the one who is going to kill them.

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Falsified a statement from the dating fur vatican secretariat of state read.

There's a rise of more minority males going for white in nyc and los angeles, but for some reason.

Free games to play the slutty redhead to describe people who tried to prevent it from happening again, but simply do it below. If you haven't worn your furs outside, you have missed the true feeling of fur. Well, what can I say except a million thank yous to the generous folks in my city for gifting me with FUR! Inside mostly but I have places I can go where I can wear my furs outside.More like just be there for here, she is old enough to watch herself, pretty much.) from after school to about . I love wearing fur: I see nothing wrong with it and don't give a damn about what some people may think!! I have just enjoyed dressing in pantyhose, a nylon cami with a swishy halfslip covered by a nice mink coat. My wife is away this afternoon allowing me this pleasure..doesn't share in my pleasures, unfortunately. All my life I have loved the feel of fur and I have never been without an item of clothing made of fur, either with a fur collar or a fur coat.As a child I had a fur coat which was unusual for a boy even in those days, it was a hand me down and I wore it until it got too small...

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