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Care is delivered by friendly and approachable staff, who will ensure that your needs are understood and appropriate care is given. Walk-in clinics are often very busy and spaces are limited.We also provide information and advice over the phone during our opening hours.Download our Christmas and New Year clinic opening hours..All offer basic sexual health screening (tests), treatment, contraception and advice but may not be suitable for everyone.Whatever your sexual orientation, if you feel you have behaved in a sexually risky manner (for example, a one-night stand with a stranger or unprotected sex with a person who is not your regular partner), a consultation with our sexual health specialist is strongly advised, to rule out any damaging health consequences.

The medical genito-urinary department (also called GUM or sexual health), based at St Helier Hospital is managed by Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust as part of their Sexual Health Sutton service.Symptoms of such infections include: vaginal discharge, pain or itching in the vagina, discharge from the penis, genital lumps and rashes.Some of the most common genitourinary diseases treated in Malta are: chlamydia, gonorrhoea, genital herpes, pubic lice, genital warts, and non-specific urethritis and cervicitis.They filled four balls into the condom in one minute carefully.Gu said that they came to this event for their human sexuality class.

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Arriving early and allowing plenty of time is advisable.

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