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Charming a girl isn’t about flirting with her or touching her in places. We’ll tell you the five really important things you need to know to charm your way into a girl’s heart.

You’d know you’re charming a girl when you make her feel so happy she could kiss you right there! You can exchange a lot of looks and share an intense eye contact with a girl, but you can’t charm her with that.

Most of this either comes from lack of experience talking to a girl, or it comes from fear of running out of things to say. If you’re inexperienced approaching women, then start with what I refer to as “Bunny Slopes.” This means practice getting over your anxiety and learning how to approach a girl in easy environments like classes, parties, or sports events. This is probably the hardest thing for guys to understand when learning to approach girls.

Luckily both of these can be “cured” pretty easily by following a few simple tips. The hardest places to learn how to talk to girls are bars, clubs, gyms, coffee shops, or walking down the street… I used to have a big fear of starting a conversation with a girl until I learned this very simple process of chunking it down. And this is that the more rejected you get, the more successful you will become.

In this article I’m going to explain exactly how to approach a girl, what to say to her, and how to keep the conversation going.

This way, you’ll be able to make a good impression, get her phone number, a date, and get her back to your bedroom.

Women secretly love cheesy chat-up lines, a study revealed today. There must be something wrong with my eyes, I can’t take them off you. 🙂 just to learn how to talk to the opposite sex effectively or to understand how the process works. The key simply lies in capturing a girl’s attention by (1) knowing the right words to say, (2) when to say them and (3) how to say them.Regardless of whether you are trying to strike up a casual friendship or actually win a girl over to eventually become your girlfriend, mastering the detailed tips in this mini guide will help you get the job done as needed.t’s Danny P here again, and as promised, here’s the’s ultimate guide to conversational seduction.This is the same guide that we provide to our private clientele as part of our exclusive coaching program, so you’re in for a real treat here today.

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  1. You don’t get dates sitting at home thinking about it. ” Guys like to do it this way because it allows you to go in “under the radar.” The reasoning behind this is that by going in “under the radar” the girl will not quickly reject you.