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A fake passport may have been used to bring a West African teenager to Sydney where she was allegedly held in captivity and used as sex slave, police say.

As part of the joint investigation, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the NSW police have appealed to the public for help as they try to track down a man who allegedly flew the 17-year old girl from Guinea to Sydney in early April, on the promise she would work as a cleaner."Obviously how she got here, the passport she travelled under and who she travelled with are critical lines of inquiry," AFP Commander Chris Sheehan said.

I guess his belief was that the immigrant community wouldn’t report a crime to the local police or authorities.” The 38-year-old man was arrested in an undercover operation Friday night.

The arrangement he proposed was ,000 in rent and sex on a regular basis in exchange for an apartment that turned out not to exist.

"Nowadays, a lot of people just want one-night stands.

Sex is very important, but for me, it can't be separated from love." She hasn't ruled out seeing Chinese men, but says that the taboos and double standards surrounding sex simply make relationships with them too complicated.

Most hometown friends her age have already married and started families.

It used to be that in China a marriage, like a home purchase or having a child, had to be approved by your work unit.

Life partners were chosen out of small social or work circles, and casual sex was taboo.

Their parents never mentioned the topic, nor did their teachers.

"They think it's ugly," Hanna says, "but it's a problem that they always hide sex." The lack of knowledge makes dating difficult.

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It has a clone in Tantan (using a character in the word for “seek out”), distinguishable only by the tendency of men to exaggerate their salaries and women to post profile pictures with fake cat whiskers and artificially enlarged eyes.

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