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Blaming a person’s singleness on their lack of “out there-ness” is rarely helpful.Related: Don’t talk about God, sex or politics on the first date.To the best of my knowledge, "shallow" cannot be said in one word in French ("peu profond"); another difficult word to translate is "cogent" (how different is it from "coherent"?I don't think there is an English word that can't be translated into any other language, but specific examples for specific languages abound.continue reading » Watch Video Check Amazon rating » in 2003, the song "Defying Gravity" has been an inspiration for countless people looking to break out of boundaries and restrictions to find a new life of soaring free of the pull of gravity.…Other information: (a) Physical description: eye colour: dark; hair colour: dark; complexion: olive; (b) Speaks Arabic; (c) Photo included in the INTERPOL-UN Security Council Special Notice." "peck" (noun) is definitely a "bécot" or "bise" (kiss), while "peck" (verb) does translate as "donner un coup de bec" (poultry,/aggressive) or "faire une bise" (people / friendly).

Two Polish words which defy translation into English would be 'kombinowac' and 'zalatwic' (apologies for the lack of Polish symbols).

They both mean something like 'sort out' in an illegal way but with a positive connotation - a legacy of outwitting the communist authorities and system for many years.

I beg to disagree with Raven Garcia: for a start, his "translations" are written in a funny sort of French (beware the dreaded automatic translators!

It's located just above your vagina and is concealed under small folds of skin.

It's very sensitive, especially right after you climax.

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